Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in Review

Happy New Year!

We hope that all our family and friends have taken time out to enjoy this precious gift of a season we are all given. It is a time to enjoy family, reflect on the passing year and plan for the one to come. It is a New Years goal to post monthly on our blog, so here it goes.

We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do.

Emry Anne & Kensley Rose "There were never such devoted sisters."

A family tradition for us--a gingerbread nativity.

Emry and Daddy work on the nativity

Gingerbread and silly faces

Brady braid--3 months old--the kids call this coocoo eyed!

Ayden heading out to the "deep, deep snow"

Kensley enjoying a Christmas candy cane.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Computers ... Gotta Luv 'Em

I guess I could operate without a computer but it would be a challenge. Almost as challenging as working with one.
Dec. 2 I got a Fake message from out in cyberspace, that I was infected with a virus (which I wasn't) and the only options seemed to be to click "Enable Protection", This click sent me to a "rogue" website called "Personal Defender 2009", wanting to sell "protection" from the "virus". I did not buy, and I closed the site. But my click on the "Enable Protection" (see image above) was enough to load some malware to my computer.

Spyware.iSpyNow is fake windows alert which is secretly installed by severe trojans. In point of fact, Spyware.iSpyNow is not a keylogger but it is a part of severe trojan that’s main motive to sale the rogue antispyware software such as Personal Defender 2009 and so on.

While it was not too difficult in the end to get rid of this malware/trojan, it was a tedious proccess in finding out how? I do not wish it on anyone of course but here are the steps taken to remove any that are infected. (contact me if you need help)

These are Marcin Kleczynski's instructions (Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware) Free

1. Download Malwarebytes from a clean, non-infected computer. Also download a more recent update of virus definitions from the malewarebytes website (the spyware prevents the program from updating) -

2. In specific regard to the Malewarebytes program “the standard file name will be mbam-setup.exe, please rename it to just setup.exe. Once the installation completes, please navigate to C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and rename mbam.exe to file.exe.”

3. Restart your machine

4. Double click and install the virus definitions for Malewarebytes (the one’s you downloaded before from the web).

5. Run Malewarebytes by clicking file.exe in the Malewarebytes program files folder.

6. If you haven’t already done so, use the “File Assassin” tool to corrupt the .exe and .dll files stored in your Google folder.

7. Run the scan under the “Scanner” tab by clicking Perform Full Scan.

8. The software should take you through the rest. Delete bad files and restart.

9. Your anti-virus programs should now work, BUT you are not done. Open up Malewarebytes again and update the virus definitions (the web version is slightly older).

10. Run the scan again.
Click here for a long discussion on this (or not). The above was from post #71 in the discussion.

In the same discussion "Frewheelin Frank" posted

“Where did this thing come from?”

Several people have asked a similar question, so I thought I’d answer.

Sometimes from a hacked web page which diverts your browser to a fake virus scan or security warning looking very much like a real virus scanner or Microsoft security warning. This sort of attack depends on fooling the user into thinking that the scan or warning is legitimate and accepting the download of malicious software and installing it- into clicking ‘yes’ to a dialogue. (This is often called ’social engineering’, although a more apt term would be trickery.)

Sometimes these scam programs are installed by ‘drive by’ download: you visit a hacked web site, and the page contains (or diverts to) an ‘exploit’, which is a way of attacking your computer via a known security vulnerability in software on the computer.

Again I hope you do not need the information, but it is proving to be "out there the past few weeks. It seems that I got the original false Security warning (image) after using Google reader.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rex Lewis-Clack

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Rex Lewis-Clack is a 13-year-old who is blind and brain impaired with autism-like symptoms, but his ability at the piano soars like a prodigy. Harry Smith talks to his mother about her book, "Rex.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nice E-mail to get - $300 Winner



Congratulations, Jay!

You won $300 in the Million Dollar Body Game® for entering your workout in WOWY® on November 21st, 2008 at 5:53 AM PT / 8:53 AM ET. With the Million Dollar Body Game, it pays to lose!

Just because you've won already, there's no reason to stop playing. Remember, you can win again! So keep up your hard work, and continue to enter your workouts in WOWY®.


Look at the e-mail I got today. I Won $1000 back in Feb 2007, Now $300 on Nov 21, 2008.

Lets see:

A.)Roll over and get some extra sleep (remember we have a 2-month old)

B.)Get out of bed and Push Play, WOWY and win $300 bucks.

Lets Choose B.

Even without the free cash it is worth it, as you all know. Grab a hold of LIFE!For the record it was 10-min Trainer ABS and Sculpt 3-4. It wasn't the X, but it did the job on me.

It is free to login your Workouts into WOWY and other than a chance to win Cash or prizes, it is a great way to stay motivated with the support of the others that are also in the WOWY online “gym”. I always say you only have a chance of winning if you actually login to WOWY and workout. Time to do it, or not, it is your choice. Want to know more about getting fit and even winner some cash while doing it just give me a comment here or e-mail or go to My Coach page

Monday, November 17, 2008

Apathy in Health and Fitness.

Believe it or not it is an Economic issue

W. Virginia town shrugs at poorest health ranking

Okay, it is hard to look people in the face and say, "Hey you need to do something about your health".

But the honest truth is that we all need to be about our Fitness; if you want some great tools to help you in your fitness, give me a shout. I am excited about helping others, and in turn maybe helping societies Health/economic epidemic.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tribute to Servants

This is a tribute to the Great Americans (Grandma & Grandpa) in my past that served our country and her people in so many ways.

Stanley C. & Mary Leila Wolf