Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nutrition Simplified

Checking out a new blogger embed tool from my Beachbody site. What better way then to show a great product. It comes in two favors (Chocolate & GreenBerry). If you live near me, you can come by for a sample of each of them. Check out the site for information.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Acclaim for my buddy Dallas Carter

I am always so inspired by this guys heart, and happy that he is now has a great platform to pay it forward. I had the opportunity to meet him last March and even every day I get a chance to Workout with many others that have the same zest for a changed life in WOWY (the Work Out With You online "gym") Come Join us!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I can Only Imagine - Father Son

Reminder of a great story.

Father to Son - Amazing and truly inspiring story. -- Slight changes in your beginning probably cause the most profound differences in your results. Choose Life!

The story of Rick and Dick Hoyt - Team Hoyt

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life Learning Center--It's Spring!

Well what have we been doing this month? Looking for signs of spring.

We read a book of nature stories called "The Crooked Little Path" by Thornton Burgess so one day while we were walking Emry said let's look for signs of spring and this is what we found:The birds are at the feeder, weeds are sprouting, people are outside and snow is melting and I will add that I have seen the first 2 wildflowers at the pond and the Canada Geese are back.

We are in the mud season because of all the run off and the fluctuation between snowy weather and sunny weather but never the less we get out to play and ride bikes as often as we can. We can feel the end of the school year approaching and the itch for days at the beach and park. But before our formal learning takes a break we want to finish up our phonics lessons and art book as well as complete our unit study on rainbows and another one on the Velveteen Rabbit.

I have already started to look toward next year. It is my goal to order our supplies before June and put it all away until August. I spent so much of my summer last year on home school research and prep that I strive to do it differently this year and enjoy 2 free months of the outdoors and fun with the wee bunch. Pray it be so.

Tot School

I have started setting up some Tot School activities for Kensley. Tot School is not forced education on a 2 year old but rather a way to spend time together and to provide Kensely some activities while I work with the other 2. Here she is sorting red and white beads.

Here she was cutting paper.

Happy to be cutting.

Putting spaghetti in tiny holes--great for fine motor skills.

A trip to the fire department!

Our homeschool group took a trip to the fire department. Emry is seen here watching the firefighter talk through his mask.

Ayden (in the red jacket) liked the alarm that sounds on the firefighter's suit if he dosen't move during a blaze.

All of the children enjoyed watching the ladder get extended on the truck--up, up and up!

Kensley pointing at the very tall ladder.

Workout with Tony!

These photos were taken at Santa Monica beach during a workout with Tony Horton of Beachbody and P90X. Jay attended the coach's summit and we all attended this workout on the beach with Tony--what a highlight for us all. I don't know what I like best about this picture--my man's Popeye arms or Tony touching my man's tookis.

Although we are strangers to Tony, he is not a stranger to us, he's at our house every morning working out and it was a delight for Ayden to meat him.

"What's Jay thinking here?" Any thought?

A trip to the desert!

At the beginning of March we took a trip to Palm Springs. The weather was nice so we got a lot of time in at the pool.

A rare photo of me and the wee one.

The children enjoying smoothies (one of our favorite things) they received for particitpating in a ring toss game.

I'm a big sister!

Kensley has started taking a big interest in photos and especially with Brady.

Several times a day now Kensley asks "hold Brady?" and Brady humors her very well.


Brady is now 6 1/2 months old and we are beginning to think we have a replica of big sister Emry. He squeals and squawks constantly while playing and is constantly trying to catch the eye of anyone, family or stranger, passing by. All of these things he has in common with Emry--we wonder what will a little boy full of energy, joy and ideas be like?

Statistically speaking this wee one is just that wee--he is remaining in the 5th and 7th percentiles for height and weight--daddy just keeps say "he may be small, but he'll be fast."

Other Brady news: We are getting an occasional uninterrupted night of sleep, he likes to eat and is getting stronger at sitting up. He is just the cutest and sweetest thing and as I have said with all the children "I could not have thought up anything better" than the person he is. Brady's current nicknames--"Happy" because he is and "BooBoo" because he is tiny like BooBoo from Yogi Bear