Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life Learning Center ~ off to a great start!

At Life Learning Center we offer a multi-aged curriculum, which is individualy tailored to each students developmental needs and personal interests. We offer a small student to teacher ratio, 4:1, to be exact, which enables exceptional one on one attention for hands on activities and christian character development. Students participate in daily Bible study & worship, story time, copywork, math, spelling and reading/phonics. Children also participate in weekly drawing practice, fine arts, music appreciation, geography and nature study/science. All subjects are taught in a home environment of safety, comfort and family.

So that is my professional sounding educational goals for the year, now for some cute first day of school photos and tidbits.

Yes, we actually do educate our older children but this shot of Brady and his cute little face and beautiful blue eyes was to cute to pass up. What does Brady do during Lessons? Nap of course, well for most of the time, but he does join us for circle time, crawling around squealing, clapping and pulling the hair of his sisters.

and our sweet KensKens. She to participates in circle time, dancing, singing, praying (and this girl can really pray, head bowed and all), and listening to jokes and stories. After circle she usually colors or does tot trays and sometimes watches a video(Miss. Pattycake is her favorite).

Emry Anne is in 2nd grade this year. She is growing in her reading skills and focusing this year on spelling and geography. She will be doing a continental world tour using picture books and hands on activities. Her favorite free-time activities are listening to books on tape and watching T.V. On the 1st day of school I asked the children a series of questions and took their pictures, here are some of E's answers: her favorite color is purple, her favorite people are, Hannah, mommy and daddy (yeah for us and hopefully we will always be on the list), her favorite things to eat are macaroni and ice cream, her favorite game is the egg and spoon race, she loves to wear dresses, she wants to learn how to cook and when she grows up she wants to go to tea parties.

Ayden is in Kindergarten this year. He is focusing on copywork and math with some practical life lessons and fine motor skills intermixed. This boy loves all things science so we will also be focusing on different science and nature topics such as dinosaurs, magnets, clouds and shells. Here are some of his first day of school answers: A's favorite color is orange, his favorite person is Hannah's brother Steven, he loves any book dealing with futuristic topics, his favorite foods are hot dogs & hamburgers, his favorite thing to do is build, he likes to wear sweat pants and watch future shows (AKA the science channel, do you see a theme here?), his favorite movie is Wall-E, he wants to learn about how things work, tickling makes him happy and when he grows up he wants to make inventions.

We have gotten off to a great start and I am so pleased with the children's efforts. I feel like I have hit the mark for each child's interests and needs because I can see their hearts enjoying the materials I present. Don't misunderstand me, each day presents with challenges, mine and theirs', but God is faithful in giving wisdom, patience and protection with a few glimpses of fruit for encouragement along the road.

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