Thursday, March 10, 2011


Here are some things K has been working on during our lesson time.  It amazes me that last year at this time she didn't know her alphabet and had just begun to count and now she knows all the letters and sounds and can count to 30.  Enjoy!

Family name cards--K is using bottle cap letters to match and learn her name,our last name and the other members of our family.
Playing a listening bingo game called Soundtracks
K has accomplished 24 piece puzzles and has moved onto giant floor puzzles and 50 piece puzzles.  Puzzles come out multiple times a week around our house.
These are stones with the ABC's on them and she is putting them in order.
Putting numbers one to ten in order.
K is using the same snowmen cards but this time she is practicing one to one correspondence using colored paper clips as counters.
K playing with a balance scale to find the heaviest animal.
Practicing counting with bottle caps and numbers from 10 to 20.
Sorting letter beads.
Sorting letters.

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