Friday, November 18, 2011

Hands on Preschool

Brady has really taken an interest in hands on activities and will do one right after the other.  Several times a week I try to designate a time to sit with him and encourage exploration of the prepared activities.  I also try to make time for daily reading, he really enjoys non-fiction car and truck books (go figure.)

Using watercolors over crayons.  

Playing with window clings from the Target $ Spot.

Exploring the Open & Close Basket.  Brady really enjoyed this activity and did it all the time.  I hid letters in each item, right now we have numbers in each.

Brady also really liked this activity--fall punches.  I had to help him but it was fun to see him try so earnestly.

I found this great 2 piece puzzle set at Ring Around the Rosie and it has been used often.

farm animal matching

tonging golf balls   

tweezing and transfer leaves  

Pouring corn or beads--he absolutely loved this activity.

This is a wonderful fine motor activity--balancing marbles on golf tees.

Sorting forks by color--white, clear & silver.

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