Monday, December 19, 2011

Kindergarten #2

Kindergarten is so much fun and I just love me precious girl, come along and explore the wonders of learning.  I have been amazed at how absolutely quick K picks up on things, before I know it she is accomplishing tasks on her own and saying "let me finish it."

Matching beginning sounds

reading word booklets--K loves this and does it very often

2 letter word puzzle cards

block puzzle--this is one activity I am always asked to start and then asked "can I finish it?"  It's hard for me not to finish a puzzle when I start but I do show self restraint and grant the princessie's request.

stamping hand prints and coloring with rock crayons.  These rock crayons are just another way to make the oldest of activities, coloring fun.  Plus, the colors are fun to see.  The rock crayons came in a red velvet bag, also a fun and interesting presentation.

Making bean and grain mosaics with her little brother

Tis the season for puzzles.  K is currently working toward being able to complete 50 piece puzzles independently.  Puzzles are out almost daily around here.

We started working on large number cards.

Playing Sum Swamp--early addition and subtraction game that includes odds & evens as well.

Coloring--K is working toward completing one whole coloring book neatly.

Isn't that an amazing face paint?  K went to a friend's Birthday celebration and got to be a butterfly.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the journey with our family--God bless you all!

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Discovering Montessori said...

Love the photos,K looks so focused on her activities. Thank you for sharing.