Saturday, February 7, 2009

Homeschooling IS fun!

It was just this month that I concluded that homeschooling is fun. This photo is from one of our recent nature walks. We went out to the pond and looked for the colors of winter. It is great to get outdoors and enjoy our beautiful weather.

Our school name is Life Learning Center because we believe learning is a life long venture occuring in our day to day lives. This past month one thing we studied was snowflakes and winter. Did you know that all snowflakes have 6 sides and form around dust particles and winter is the result of the Earth tilting away from the sun. We also read several great books. The children especially enjoyed the old classic "The Boxcar Children"--I remember this book form my school days. We read the book and then found the audio tapes at the library and Emry has listened to them over and over during her afternoon quiet times. I even heard her say to one of her friends "let's play The Boxcar Children." We also read a Magic School Bus Book about the human body--did you know our bodies have 206 bones? For fun on cold and snowy days we danced the Hokey Pokey and learned the Chicken Dance from a YouTube video.

Homeschooling is fun and there is so much to learn. This month we are doing a unit study and lapbook on George Washington--I am excited to take the virtual tour of Mount Vernon. We will also continue working on our gratitude lapbook, measurement, time and read the biography of George Muller (a missionary in England who started several orphanages and day schools in Bristol, England) and perhaps the second installment in the Boxcar series.


Jenn said...

Tammy, you inspire me! P.S. I LOVE the background =)
Jenn =)

Diane said...

This is one of the the things I love about homeschooling. The ability to get the kids outdoors and learning about nature. Traditional schools are so scared of law suits that they tend to host less field trips.

Dannette said...

Gosh, I miss those days!! Good choice on the school name too. It is nice to imagine what it sounds like when they are putting it on paper in the future, or telling an employer, or the Marine Corps...I never thought of it way back when because I don't think I ever imagined my kids graduating. They do.

Scott R said...

Cool stuff guys. Nice blog.