Saturday, May 9, 2009

Learning Through Life and Play

Well that is a strange picture to start off a post with but allow me to explain. I have kept big chunks of foam around so the children could use them for hammering in golf tees but at this particular time the foam became yet another building supply for Emry and Ayden. This is a picture of a sculpture they created of Brady, not nearly as cute as the real Brady Brayd but I will admit to liking the golf tee hair. A note about the foam it breaks down and goes everywhere, so be prepared for the mess if you decide to let your children play with it.

Kens, Kens building away with the pegs. For Tot School Kensley has been cutting straws, finding hidden animals in rice, dot painting and playing with our lid collection. Her current favorite book is The Very Hungary Catepillar. I hope to try our hand at some of Eric Carle's art this summer.

Ayden doing a little fort building during lesson time--he will always be our builder boy.

Ayden loves Wall-E. The above picture is more building with foam but this time he made Wall-E. He used toothpicks to hold it together.

This is another Wall-E creation Ayden made out of our math rods.

So where is Emry and Brady when all these photos are being taken. Brady is napping and Emry is sitting at the table finishing up her phonics and doing other lessons such as her Velveteen Rabbit unit study. We had a great time with that study this month. We learned the difference between hares and rabbits, learned about Scarlet Fever (strep throat), reviewed kitchen measurement by making carrot cake and personification. Then we followed up our study with Emry writing and illustarating her own story using her favorite stuffed animals.

We will be finishing up our phonics book and putting together our nature journal as we finish up our 1st grade year. I am looking forward to a summer filled with days at the park, river and beach with a little nature study, art, reading and scrapbooking thrown in. Learning is always happening and now is the time for less structure and more days filled with outside play.

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