Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Glimpses

I just wanted to share a few things we have been keeping busy with this season and give you a glimpse into our Christmas traditions old and new.

Many of you know that Jay and I are venturing into the gift basket business. This is one of our baskets I completed for a friend of Jay's as a gift. It is so satisfying to be able to present something so pretty, professional and enticing and it is not hard. All it takes is a few extra details, a little creativity and a few extra steps and you can give someone a wonderful home-baked gift.

This is our collection of Christmas books. I purchase one or two Christmas books each year. This year I purchased the Mike Huckabee book A Simple Christmas. The book is filled with fun stories from his Christmas celebrations and the lessons he has learned through them. I also bought Christmas In The Big Woods. During the month of December we usually try to do something Christmas related on most nights. A lot of times is is reading Christmas books from our collection or from the library, watching a Christmas show or looking at lights around the neighborhood.

Okay, how odd she would show a picture of her hutch but I was so pleased with how it turned out that I just had to share it. On our sidebar I have added some blogs I read that have inspired be to decorate and this is the outcome of that inspiration. Jay gave me the hutch when we moved into our house 7 1/2 years ago and he bought me the dishes several Christmases ago. The dishes are perfect for Christmas but I also use them throughout the year. Also on the shelf as a nod to me new thrifty ways you can see a white mini teapot from the thrift store and a glass creamer from a yard sale. I hope to add to this red and white collection as I thrift about.

Each Christmas we make a gingerbread nativity and this is this years version. We used black gumdrops for the sheeps' legs this year instead of black licorice and I like them better. Ayden made Mary, she is the gumdrop figure in the middle with the big yellow gumdrop, that is actually her hair. And Jay was inspired to hang the star over the stable by attaching it to our cabinet. He also imprinted the roof and walls before baking so that they would look like siding and shingles. Oatmeal was used for the flooring. This is always a fun project to get us working together and the children eating a ton of sweets.

Now onto the pictures of the actual people in the house--enjoy!

B eating a Christmas ornament cookie.

E getting ready to sprinkle on some sweetness to her Christmas cutouts.

K, the girl getting "bigger and bigger" baking with Jay.

Fellas baking together.

I hope you have enjoyed our mini tour of traditions old and new. Gotta go I think they are watching Charlie Brown's Christmas without me--again!

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