Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sledding at the Pond

I don't remember the last time we have had this much snow in December and the children are loving it. We live really close to a pond that has a wonderful walking trail and a great sledding hill. So after much begging (badgering) off we went.

Jay built a jump for the children. It is fun to see them progress in their bravery over the years and hear shouts of awesome as they crash and tumble at the bottom of the hill. Jay thinks he looks like the wrinklie Robert Redford, makes me want to watch The Horse Whisperer.

A with his birthday sled, using it as a house. The boy is all about anything that transforms, no uni-taskers here.

B is a great boy, at one point he actually scooted backward all the way down the hill.

K was so wonderful, she did not complain once about all the climbing sledding requires, amazing for a 3 year old.

K and Daddy prepare for take off.

More K and Daddy.

B sitting so compliantly on a blankie. He especially loves his hot pink boots worn by all the Garbarino children. I took him out to walk about the outdoors yesterday and he was so cute stomping around in his boots on the decks and patio. He has been walking full time for about a week and a half.

A has become such a good sport with sledding. I remember the days when he would rather cry than climb up the hill for another run--he is so much fun now.

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