Saturday, May 8, 2010

From My Reader--Mommy craft

It amazes me how creative some people can be, I wish I had the same time, energy & supplies. I hope to experiment with some of these ideas this summer and possibly endeavor to use our unreliable sewing machine. At any rate it is fun to know these cute projects are out there waiting and the next time I need to embellish something or create a gift I have ideas. Enjoy!

A cute headband that I cannot wait to make for the little ladies and am I to old for one?

An oh so cute fabric flower topiary. I think I might try this on a lampshade.

I have seen so many different types of garlands and banners in blogland but this one seemed very unique using the ever popular burlap. I don't know that I will ever accomplish this one but it is a neat idea.

Spring Pennant

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