Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hands on Preschool

I never know how to start these posts because everything seems just so ordinary, yet I love to look back and see all that the children are enjoying and accomplishing.  Seeing the children engaged in activity and knowing they are enjoying themselves encourages me to press on  in our education together. 

I have been feeling frequently discouraged and frustrated with our older children's resistance but was reminded the other morning that I am called to  continue on in faith, love and holiness ( 1 Tim 2:15). I walk in faith that I am doing the right things for the academic and spiritual training of the children. I am also reminded that I am to do it with a pure heart of love.  Love is a funny thing, it encompasses so much that I am not good at.  Look at 1 Corinthians 13--Love is patient, woops.  Love is kind, not so much when things don't go my way.  Love is not self-seeking, woops, not me again.  Oh, now this one is great--love is not easily angered--FAILURE on that one.  But even in the midst of my unloving behaviors I find that love always hopes and always perseveres.  So, thank you Lord for reminding me of where I need work but also encouraging me that I always have a hope for a different day.  He also reminds me that just because something is hard or frustrating, I don't throw in the towel but  I love, I persevere.  So that is what I do, I learn, I press on with a pure heart filled with His hope and love flowing out of me to these dear sweet children.

So let's have a look at B's happenings:

Window clings from the Target $1 spot are always a fun treat.

drawing roads between his stickers

stickers--B was so attached to this page, I 'd throw it away and he would say "hey who put this in hear!"

first crack at a board game--good old fashioned Candyland.

helping with dinner prep--putting potatoes in the pot

Feel and Find game

This is a great tool from Lauri, it is called a Shape & Color Sorter.  So many wonderful learning opportunities---using the pegs to improve fine motor skills, sorting by shape and sorting by color.

B tried this one--pattern block matts-- but was quickly discouraged because the blocks moved easily on the matt.

Matching letter tiles to sandpaper letters

stringing large beads

still loves the open and close basket even though I am feeling rather uninspired.
Thanks for stopping by and may you be encouraged in your educational training and growth to press on to see all our Lord has for you and your children.


Deb Chitwood said...

I love the hands-on activities you use in your homeschool! I think it's natural for those of us who are called to homeschool to question ourselves. Even though I loved homeschooling, it was after my kids were in college that I could truly see all the benefits of our persevering all the way through high school (not that everyone is called to do that).

My kids' love of learning, lack of burnout (because we used a lot of hands-on materials and didn't focus on grades or testing), and self-motivation made them do extremely well in college and in their careers afterward.

You're doing lots of wonderful things! I'm so glad you link up with Montessori Monday. I always love reading your posts. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

Tammy G said...

Thanks Deb fro taking the time to comment and give some encouraging words--bless you.

Stefanie said...

Fun activities!!! We have the same taste in toddler toys too. =o)

Don't be discouraged by the attitudes. Kids are kids and school is work, regardless of where they attend. Kids are going to fight the work sometimes. The older they get the more they're be thankful for the freedoms and fun that homeschooling allows them

Popping in from pre-k corner.