Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kensley's Kindergarten

Kensley makes kindergarten so much fun due to her hands on orientation.  K is learning to read and do beginning addition and subtraction but where she really enjoys spending her time is with hands on practical life experiences.  Every time I make dinner she is right with me peeling carrots, pulling out other ingredients, stirring or setting the table.  K also loves to clean around the house, if she catches me scrubbing toilets or washing mirrors without her she is disappointed over her lost work opportunity.  Which reminds me---I want to look at all situations; fun, easy, hard or challenging as a learning opportunity for myself and the children.  I think if I look at things in this way then what may be frustrating can turn into a gift.

Practical Life

washing windows

cleaning toilets--I think this is her favorite job, we'll see if that sticks later in life.

buttering toast

She's so lucky she's the third child, I was not this free with our oldest daughter.  K was so proud of her work.

She did her fingers too.


using the teen board and dimes and pennies for the ones and tens, this was a good intro. to money

teen boards again but with our version of "the golden beads"--rods.  blue is 10, green is units
Language Arts

matching objects and word cards

matching picture cards and word cards

This was a fun day--all on her own K wrote all of her siblings names.  She knows how to spell her name but then for the others she went to their rooms and copied the spelling from their name wall hangings.  I was so excited for her.

using our Melissa & Doug Spelling Boards
Our version of the moveable alphabet.  K is spelling out the words she reads on the cards.

Just Having Fun

Playdough Ice Cream Maker

One of K's ice cream creations--she uses this set almost daily after she helps with dinner preparations.

learning tic-tac-toe with this fun little set from the Target $1 spot

card making

Happy Learning!


Anonymous said...

I love to see all their fun work. Very nice blog site.

Discovering Montessori said...

What a great kindergarten you guys have! So much learning, so much fun!! Love all the practical life skills you fit in. Thank you for sharing.

My Boys' Teacher said...

She's super cute and looks like she's having so much fun! Love to see it!

Diane said...

Oh, I love our Kensley. Tammy creates amazing school experiences for all of the children.

Love from Grandma.

Sarah said...

What a fun week! You are so brave to allow her to paint her daughter has been asking to do it for awhile. I think you have pushed me to consider it! Thanks for sharing.