Monday, April 23, 2012

Elementary Math & Language Arts

 The days are unseasonably warm and the outdoors are calling but we are giving it our best effort for 4 more weeks.  It is my desire to finish our Canada and North America studies, finish introducing the 8 parts of speech (we have pronoun and interjection left), finish blue series work (yes, I know this is elementary but we move slowly here in the Middle of Somewhere and I strive for mastery) and do a bit more geometry study.

E is finishing her Betsy Ross book and Just Mom and Me Having Tea, I feel a tea party in my future. She also needs to finish her writing prompt journal.

A is needing to finish narrating the Adventure Bible, sight words and learn 3 by 3 digit multiplication.

So with all that being said here is a look at what our two Elementary students have been working on.


E working on long division with the stamp game.  I love this tool because it is so easy to learn, has multiple uses and is hands on.  Our game is from the Montessori Outlet.

A is working on multiplication and product equation cards.  I made these myself after reading Teaching Montessori in the Home: The Elementary Years.  The book is very old but not outdated in the least and was a great intro to many of the Montessori math activities, it is also great for the DIYer.

I had heard about the movie Donald in Mathmagic Land and found it on Youtube so one day we pulled out the pillows and blankies for a viewing.  Yes, there was popcorn.  The movie is old but E and A seemed to enjoy it but it was a bit over the littles' heads.

A using the multiplication board to solve his daily math journal problems.

The Game of LIFE, great for money skills.

Language Arts

E working on irregular plurals.  I don't remember where this came from but it was meant to be a cut and paste activity but I laminated it so we could reuse it.

A using the white board to find articles.

We played the Sunken Treasure game, which works on beginning blends.  A great game to add to the blue series work.

This is a homemade game from a phonics/spelling book called Frisky Phonics Fun 1.  This little book is a gem that works on vowel sounds and beginning and ending blends so it is a great compliment to blue series work.  The book is old but not outdated and has both worksheets, word lists and games. I will be ordering level 2 to start in the fall with the green series.
We have been working on scripture memory, memorizing the books of the Old Testament and 10 Commandments.  E has been able to do all of the books of the OT once and A is still working on it. We have the books on a list in our morning notebooks and I review them regularly with each child.  The 10 Commandments, both E and A have down and now K is working on memorizing them.  I think the children learned the 10 Commandments so quickly because of the wonderful visual cues provided by this download from Living Waters.  I printed out the pages and bound them in a book to review during our breakfast time.

E ordering the books of the OT with reproducible cards from The Big Book of Bible Skills.

For this season of lessons the children have had a new bible verse to copy and memorize each week.  E has been working on verses dealing with the tongue and A has been memorizing verses about work.  Here A has traced his verse and then cut it up to put in order.  The cutting idea was from Carissa's Raising Rock Stars posts.
What have I learned from this review post?
--putting a post together takes a lot of time, between finding links, uploading pictures, writing, reading books to children, cleaning up lunch, reviewing lessons and putting little ones down for a nap I have been writing for 1 1/2 hours.
--I don't mind if our materials are old, like Frisky Phonics Fun, Teaching Montessori at Home and The Big Book of Bible Skills because they were once new and worked great in their day and age, and they are still wonderful treasures in our home.
--and I am always trying to add a hands on element even to our bible work.

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Our Country Road said...

What neat cards for the OT! Thanks for sharing the link. Great week!!

Tammy G said...

Thanks for visiting, the cards have been a fun hands on way of reviewing the OT books. The book also contains NT cards.

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Jojo P. said...

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