Sunday, April 1, 2012

Geography--Keeping It Simple

As home educators our curriculum is a blank page, left to our own delights and pursuits, yet I find it difficult to hit every subject area every week.  I know, how is that possible when we spend each day doing nothing but being at home?  Ask any stay at home mom with a gang of children to care for and the answer is likely the same--"before we know it, the day just flies by."  So, we sometimes have to simplify and right now this is geography.  We read a great book called Missionary Stories with the Millers once a week.  Each chapter in the book starts with a world map and has the current story's country highlighted.  We read the story discuss what country the story took place in and discuss what God did in the life of the missionary.  Simple, right?

The children always have access to maps, atlases and other cultural books such as  Children Just Like Me and Material World.  We also have Geopuzzles.  Geopuzzles are an affordable alternative to Montessori Continent Maps. Our set is almost complete and is used regularly by all of the children.

On this particular morning after our Missionary story the children pulled out the globe and both our Europe and Asia puzzles.

For now Geography is simple but I think it would be fun to make a map booklet and color in the countries as we visit them in our readings.  And, do I feel some country/continent research coming on?

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