Sunday, March 25, 2012

Science, Language Arts, Math and Individual Pursuits

It has been many weeks since posting what our older children have been working on, so it is time to catch up.  Jay asked me the other day how I thought everyone was doing with their lessons and my response was a stumbling "good."  I have reflected a bit more since our discussion and I think both E and A are doing very well.  E is working independently on her spelling, grammar, math and writing.  A is a much better reader than he lets on and I look forward to picking up books with him this summer.  For now A does many things for reading practices.  He reads word lists from Frisky Phonics Fun, uses our Take It To Your Seat Centers and participates in Learn To Read Treasure Hunts.  A also works well independently on his math and other assignments when isolated in his room away from the distractions of his siblings. Here is a look at what we have been doing at the Middle of Somewhere:

Science--We studied food chains by reading about them, drawing them and playing the games Into The Forest and Chomp.  Below E and A are both pictured making food chains from the Into The Forest game cards and then they drew their chains in their notebooks.

Language Arts--we are currently working on reviewing grammar together each morning in preparation for future independent and advanced work.
I have started assigning E independent reading focusing on History.  E reads her assigned book daily and then records a written narration in her reading log.  I ask her to do at least 3 sentences per chapter but sometimes she does more.  I found that I had to back off on my desires to correct her spelling as it was crushing her heart each time we sat and went over the log.  I don't read the log everyday and sometimes I have E read it to me so that she can catch her own mistakes.  E's reading log has been a wonderful addition to our lessons and I look forward to all the books and topics we can cover in this manner.

A working on beginning consonant blends from Take It To Your Seat Phonics

Another beginning consonant blend activity from Take It To Your Seat Phonics

A is in second grade but he asked to work on cursive this year.  We are not very consistent with his practice but when we are we use Pictures in Cursive Primer A from Queen Homeschool.

Math--I feel like we have been standing still in math for sometime.  I just completed writing scope and sequences for addition, multiplication and division to be put into place in April.  When I first started homeschooling I was amazed at the quantity of materials that many families had and low and behold after 6 years I am amongst the homeschooling pack-rats.  So I wrote the sequences in order to have an outline to follow and put all of our materials in circulation.  Sequence writing has been a huge job but I hope to continue the process in all subject areas by the fall.

E using the stamp game for division practice. 

A using the short bead stair materials for multiplication practice.

E's Individual Pursuits
Jay has taught E how to play backgammon.

Scrapbooking!  Michael's is a great place to buy mini scrap kits, they are so cute and include paper, stickers and die cuts.  Many kits were even on clearance when E went to purchase a few with her own money, now I just need to print her some more pictures.

Oh, there is never enough cake baking going on around here.

Practicing the Keyboard with Bastien Primer A.
A's Individual Pursuits

Making a Hot Wheels, Lego and Darda town.

Lego Master Builder

More Lego Master Builder.

A little self-made Lego Game.

Sewing a mouse from our Sewing School book. I don't know what spurred this activity on but his mouse turned out so cute.  I want to do more sewing with all of the children but first I need to get more hours in my day.

 Enjoy your week!


Our Country Road said...

I love to see older students using Montessori! Thank you for sharing. Your daughter's cake looks yummy!

Jay Garbarino said...

Amazing Work. Glad to know the Children will always have a Great teacher for each Grade.

Christine Cline said...

I Love the Food Chain! Now I need to get my hands on it!

Diane said...

Yes, Jay, your Tammy is an amazing, dedicated teacher. Your family is blessed. Love to all.


Deb Chitwood said...

I always enjoy seeing what great hands-on activities your kids are doing! I added your link to the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: