Friday, March 2, 2012

Sorting, Puzzles and More

February was a mellow month here in the Middle of Somewhere.  Lessons happened daily but our focus was light on new learning and big on review.  Brady's lessons were diminished because he was so busy playing house and school with his sister, play is the work of childhood!


Sorting winter and non-winter items
Sorting green from blue flat marbles.  I heard someone else call them flat marbles but they are really vase fillers from the Dollar Tree
Doing the Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle with Daddy.  This puzzle has been a staple in our home for learning ABC's, since our first daughter was one.  I am sad to say B has done it very few times but this is a great reminder to get it out and spend time together working and learning.  I would like to also look around the house for objects to make this into a matching activity.
Another fun, beginning puzzle by Lauri.  This is a puzzle and stringing activity.

In The Kitchen
My kitchen helpers are baking muffins.  Making mini muffins allows B and K to both scoop and fill a tray.
More Fun
Fine  motor practice with "flat marbles."

Stringing beads and buttons.

Matching sandpaper letters and letter tiles.  I was surprised how easy this was for B, I need to add more to this tray.

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Stefanie said...

Lots of fun activities!

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Tammy G said...

Thanks Stephanie!