Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kensley--In The Kitchen, Reading and More

Is there no end to this girl's interest in the kitchen. Each evening when I make dinner, I hear her small voice saying "what are you doing, can I help?" That small voice is quickly followed by the LOUD clattering of a chair cozied up to the island and the expectant smile of my little helper.

Making orange juice with her very own little helper.
Making a strawberry cake because she and her little brother wanted a pink cake.

Frosting the pink cake (it's really a strawberry cake).

Me and my helper in the kitchen with the very LOUD clattering chair.
Math Practice

Working with geometric solids. I think we need to spend some time together here. K can easily match up the solids and cards but I don't think she has the names down yet.
Tip Top Tally is a great game for teaching addition, subtraction and odds and evens and it even fits in with our winter season (you know that is important).
Working with our homemade Sequin boards. K can count by tens and use the rods (our bead material) to show the numbers.

Working with number cards for the units, tens, hundreds and thousands.
Language Arts
Kensley is currently working her way through the You Can Read printables at 1+1+1=1. I like these because they give us a set plan to follow and incorporate printable puzzles and fun sheets for recognition practice and pencil practice.

Coloring in one of her word cards.
Connecting the words is great pencil control practice.
These are the printable puzzle words--a great hands on way to build words.
K has also been working on the pink series label and picture cards. The pink cards were free from Montessori Materials.


Amy said...

I love all of the Montessori math work she is doing! Popping in from Preschool Corner.

Tammy G said...

Thanks Amy for visiting.

Stefanie said...

Wonderful activities! And I just love her name. So beautiful.

Popping in from Pre-k corner.

The Monko said...

I like the maths geometric solids matching. Great activities

Tammy G said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment--I so appreciate it.

Kidzone Teacher Mama said...

I love your blog and your Montessori works. I homeschool my daughter and I own a Montessori school! I use your blog for inspiration! It is so adorable that you made a strawberry cake because they wanted pink cake! :) love it!! I am your newest follower.

Tammy G said...

Rachel--thank-you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Bless you!