Friday, February 10, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day without Breaking the Bank.

Valentine's Day is quickly coming upon us as is the pressure to mark it in some fantabulous way for our dear ones.  Yes, I want to build memories of special celebrations but sometimes it is so hard to make a plan due to a lack of energy or finances but this year I think we have a winner.  I was able to get all the children something special at a consignment store or on amazon.  Bob the Builder for Brady, American Girl  books for Emry, Boz for Kensley and The Boys Doodle Book for Ayden.  I even bought candy at the dollar store but I put it in a really good spot and cannot find it.  I remember my mom doing this when I was young so I guess it is official,  I am turning into my mother.  I am still trying to think of some fun breakfast ideas, I'm leaning on trying these rolls by one of my favorite authors, Sally Clarkson.

So that is for the children but what about you and Jay?  Well, I am glad you asked.  We have some friends, who also have 4 children, volunteer to watch our four for the evening and we are going to take them up on the offer.

So then we had to decide what to do, well stay home of course.  I don't think it is always necessary to feel like we have to eat out or leave the house to be on a date and honestly hubs and I are frequently disappointed when we eat dinner out because of the lack of quality meals.  On more than one occasion we have gone out to eat and left the restaurant disappointed because we spent our hard earned money on a bad meal.  So we are staying home on this date.  Jay and I discussed the menu and threw around filet and scallops, which we decided was not budget friendly for the pauper days we are in at the moment.  So chicken it is  but we will be splurging on mushrooms and marsala wine to make Grilled Marsala Chicken.  For dessert we will  be having French Silk Chocolate Pie.

Jay and I hiking Glacier Point @ Yosemite National Park--August 2011. Ignore the hair we were camping, sweating and not bathing.

So there you have it, our fantabulous Valentine's Day celebration on the cheap.

P.S. Pray I find the candy before Valentine's Day.

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