Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brady Time

So many of this months activities are blasts from the past and have stood the test of time through all four children, so that makes them precious in my book.  We have been enjoying puzzles, matching and interactive books together as well as lots of winter family fun (I will show sledding and skiing pictures soon).  If you find something helpful or encouraging here please let us know in the comments.  Have a good week.

Interactive Books

I really enjoy wooden toys.  This is called My ABC Book by Melissa and Doug The only unfortunate thing is one of the pieces is missing because I took it on an airplane and lost it but I hear Melissa and Doug are great with replacement parts.

B loves, loves, loves Little People.  This book was our first daughter's who is now 9 and purchased at Costco.

This is a great activity book called Motor Match.  I purchased it at a consignment store for our older son many years ago.  It is a fun book using all types of vehicles to match in many different settings--this was a lot of fun to do with B.
Beginning Puzzle Work

Another favorite of mine.  Lauri's Toddler Tote.  This tote is easy to carry to the work area or for travel.  It is big and chunky for little hands and a sensory delight due to its bumpy texture.

Ladybug Letters.  B is not really matching the upper and lower case letters but enjoying the activity of putting puzzles together.

Parent's Magnet School--great for letter and sound recognition and puzzle work.

More puzzle work--Guidecraft's Feel and Find.  This is actually a game for older children to reach into the bag and try to find the object that feels the most like their template but we just use it as a matching/puzzle activity.
Fine Motor Work
B asked for the Lite Brite after seeing it in his sisters' closet.  I bought this for our older son after hearing this was a great pre-writing activity for fine motor development.

Hot Wheels stickers from $Tree.

locks and keys from daddy's stash
More Fun
Open and Close. I'm going to remove this basket soon because I am all out of ideas.  If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments.

Another wooden toy--Pound and Roll Tower by M and D.  I think this one is also on its way out.  I saw it in the closet and added it to B's shelves to see if it would get used and it did by our 2 youngest but now after a few weeks it is just sitting and collecting dust, it is hard to see it go.  Is anyone else like me, when the tot toys go it is sad to believe we are moving on?

Funnel fun and rice pouring


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Looks like a fun week!

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Looks like you had a fun week! Lots of fun stuff to do :).