Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been wanting to post a weekly daybook of my thoughts for sometime now because I enjoy reading them on other blogs.  A Daybook gives a little peak into one's personal thoughts and I hope to share that with you on more of a regular basis.

I am wearing:
A denim skirt (have I told you I hate pants and shorts?  They are just so, so confining and uncomfortable) and a pink lace tank top.

I am listening to:
The sound of the boiling tea kettle and a little Kari Jobe on Youtube when I get a chance.

From the Kitchen:
Myself and eight children made a dirt cake for the last day of VBS.  It took me 2 hours to clean up the mess yesterday evening.  I made granola this morning, crockpot chicken tacos for the past 2 nights and want to try a new Indian lentil recipe tonight.  Oh, and the kitchen floor needs a good cleaning.

Around the House:
I can't keep up---towels in the mudroom from yesterday's VBS waterday, laundry to put away upstairs, books all over in the learning loft, girl's room--a mini tornado seems to have gone through and the bathrooms need to be cleaned.

In the Learning Loft:
This is the last of our 6 week break, so I am doing some planning for our summer term.  We will be doing Nature Study, Geography, Math facts and review, building challenges, U.S. History and crafts.

In the Gym:
Hubs and I returned late Sunday night from the Team BeachBody Summit inpired but tired.  We have taken a rest this week from our normal workout routine and need to discuss our plans for next week, I feel and INSANITY break maybe needed.  I have managed several morning walks and runs though.  I'm thinking I might add some push-up, pull-ups and chair dips next weeks as we are prepping for 2 birthdays and backpacking.

From the Prayer Closet:
I really want to do a personal study on joy when we get back from backpacking but for now I am praying through my prayer lists, reading Disciple Like Jesus for Parents and Promises of Joy.

Plans for the Weekend:
Setting up for a wedding today, hubs may get our herb bed built so I can thin out our current asparagus and herb bed, laundry, sheets, homeschool planning, birthday and backpack planning. I think that is enough.

A Picture to Share:
West End Beach, Donner Lake

To see a video of me eating an obscene amount of dessert at the Bellagio Buffet, check out Hub's Coach's Corner post.

Have a great weekend!!!

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