Friday, July 6, 2012

Daybook--Early July

I am Wearing:
My workout clothes, it is early and I am heading out for a run after this post.

I am Listening to:
Silence, beautiful silence, everyone is still asleep.

Around the House:
I still need to take down our Spring decor.  I've been cleaning bathrooms, trying to keep up on the kitchen floor, laundry and packing today.

In the Kitchen:
Made a rendition of Ina's Flattened Chicken and also her cheesecake for Jay's birthday and the Pioneer Woman's Carmel Sauce to go on top. The Flattened chicken is so flavorful and moist on the grill.  Also, roasting a whole chicken is quite a savings compared to boneless, skinless chicken breast.  I know whole chickens were on sale last week at our Safeway for .88$ a pound--I stock up when they are a dollar or less per pound.

In the Learning Loft:
We started back to lessons this week and it feels good.  We also started a new system of organizing the children's work.  We are trying canvas totes instead of workboxes, for better portability.  I am still trying to decide if we should go back to each child having a fully stocked pencil box or keep the community caddy in the loft.  I also got a chance to rearrange a few shelves in the loft with more to do.

In the Gym:
We revisited some classics this week--Power 90, Sculpt 1-2 and Ab 200 on Monday.  Cardio X on Tuesday. Fountain of Youth Yoga on Wednesday. Good old fashioned push-up, pull-ups and chair dips on Thursday and I'm doing the same this morning.  I have also enjoyed running everyday this week.

On the Blog:
My energies have been so focused on lessons, child training and getting ready for our family trip to my parents and backpacking that much is not going on here.  We will be out of town backpacking next week so there will be no postings.  I hope when we get back to return to a weekly Montessori post, this daybook post and a recipe post , so please hang on while we soak up the sun and outdoors.

A Picture to Share:
Down by the crik!!!

Looking Ahead:
Lessons,  cleaning, laundry, packing and driving!!!!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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