Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daybook--the Backpack Edition

We returned home late Sunday night from a 5 day backpacking trip so I thought it would be fun to give a Daybook of our adventure.  This was our first time packing and I pray it won't be the last, I seriously think I could live out in the back country or at least become addicted to it.

What I Was Wearing:
Exercise skirt, a tank top, a t-shirt, a hat or bandana (a first for me), washed out undies and socks.  Fleece pants, a borrowed long sleeve shirt and a borrowed down jacket for the night. What? Did I smell good?--NO, but the washing out made the clothing bareable.

What I Was Hearing:
Wind, babbling brooks, happy birds and the sound of crunchie pebbles under my shoes.

From the Bear Bin:
Well, we actually brought so much food  that it did not all fit in the bin and we had to sleep with some of it  it double bagged inside a stuff sack inside my backpack which was inside our tent.  And the answer is, no, the bear did not smell any of our food, or toiletries for that matter.  Oh, what did we eat?  Turkey jerky, dried mangoes, prunes (for ya know), mixed nuts, candied nuts, granola, dried nonfat milk, peanut flower, coconut oil, a few taffy cookies, a few flavored tootsie rolls, Cliff Bars, a lot of BeachBody Results and Recovery Drink and Shakeology.  We did not cook and I did not regret that one bit, the total break from the norm and no clean up were a treat.  However, if you know me, I really enjoy a big cup of tea and backpacking was no exception.  Our friends who we were hiking with, let us use their Jet Boil stove so we had tea in the mornings and evenings.

All of our water bottles, ready for filtering, Shakeology shaker cup included.

Jay searching for the perfect bear bin spot for the night.

From the Prayer Closet:
Lots of marveling at our Lord's creation and quiet prayers about the issues of life.
Hoover Wilderness, Barney Lake

From the Learning Loft:
Things are quiet as we were not home but it was exciting to see our learning in action.  When we arrived at my parents, who were taking charge of our children during our adventure, the children immediately went to the Oak trees and found oak apples and remnants of Gall Flies that we had studied the week before.

As for me, out on the trail, I was so wishing I had brought a field guide to look at each evening and learn the names of the plants, flowers, trees and insects in our surroundings.

From the Gym:
A lot of sweating,  walking and climbing of course.

Plans for the Weekend:
A hike on Friday with a friend, helping another friend set up flowers at a wedding, laundry, lesson plans, church and some family fun.


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