Friday, July 27, 2012

25 Things About Me #3

1. I just finished P90X day 5 this morning, some of the soreness has worn off.
2. Jay and I are officially signed up for the Tough Mudder.  It is at Northstar on Sept. 23rd.
3. I had a great week with the children.  Little conflict and impatience.
4. Just completed a biblical word study on wife, wives, helper and bride.
5. I want to do a word study on joy, parents, mothers, women and daughters.
6. We are hosting a 5 Day Bible Club at our house next week.
7. I am studying up on more plant based recipes to incorporate into our menu.
8. A swimsuit use to be my favorite article of clothing.(Have I said that before?)
9. I love early morning walks.
10. I have been enjoying afternoons on our patio reading.
11. I want more mornings on the patio.
12.  Morning is my favorite time of the day.
11.  Jay is making egg crepes for breakfast this morning and I am patiently waiting.
12.  I want to coach others in health and fitness.
13.  I finished 1 project this week and before the day is over it maybe 2.
14.  What typically takes a woman without children in the house all day, one day to complete, takes me 5.
15.  I successfully let a peanut butter cookie craving pass me by and instead drank a Chocolate Shakeology.
16.  I wish I was going backbacking again SOON but camping will have to do.
17.  I need to make some granola.
18.  I am looking forward to reorganizing a few kitchen cabinets in order to make a smoothie station, we      make them daily.
19. I need to clean the carpets.
20.  Praising God that Hubs is so busy with work for the first time in 5 years.
21.  Soaking up all of summer.
22.  I really, really don't like cold water and the Tough Mudder involves a lot of it!
23. Just started reading The Winning Attitude by John Maxwell with Hubs.  I'd like to read one book a season together.
24. Still waiting for those crepes to appear.
25. Thanking the Lord for these people:

Father's Day Picnic

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