Monday, July 30, 2012

We've Been Painting Again!

Painting is so fun when one is young.  I can remember many happy times sitting at my mom's table with good old-fashioned watercolors or paint with water books.  I also loved Friday's at school because the afternoons were always set aside for art.  Well here at the Middle of Somewhere, our art experiences are not that regimented but rather done in spurts.  We have been on a painting spurt of late.  Some of you may remember my last painting post where I suggested that summer is a great time to paint because it can be done outdoors where the mess can be less.  Let's take a look at our first painting indulgence shall we?

A good crawl through the paint is always fun!

Yes, we painted with our feet and hands.

Didn't I just say that the mess is less outdoors?  I was wrong.  A good portion of the driveway had paint all over it but luckily it all came off very easily with water.

Now for paint day #2 I made some watercolors from my pinterest board.  E did not join us but the others had a great time and the mess was way less.

Do you think we have enough water there to rinse our brushes?

And painting day #3 was little Miss. K all by herself.  She spent a good hour and a half out on the patio fully engaged in her art.  She pulled out all the paints, paper and brushes on her own and explored to her heart's content.  Sometimes having a mom that can just let go and let them have at it is what they need.  I say this because letting go is not easy for me; they might make a mess, use up all the paint or worse, make a mess for me to clean up.  Seeing my little girl happily working outside was such a blessing. And yes, much of our paint is gone but it is a scene that I will relish for many days ahead.

Isn't summer happy?

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