Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Reluctant Reader Has Arrived!

Our son, A, has been able to read small 3 letter words since age 3 but has shown very little interest in anything to do with reading a book.  A year ago, as A and I were working our way through Collection 1 of the Bob Books it was excruciating for both he and I (think gouge your eyes out here).  After much coaxing and frustration I put the books away.  It was hard to do because I really felt that in 2nd grade A should be reading books but it was so difficult and unenjoyable that I just had too.  So in December we started using this book for twice weekly treasure hunts.  We also started working our way through a very old book called Frisky Phonics Fun 1.  The book was full of "funsheets" (that is what we call worksheets at our house) and printable games and we did one unit per week.  In mid May we took a six week break from lessons until our summer term which began 3 weeks ago. Now every time A picks his language work he picks reading a book and often asks to read more than one.  A is currently reading Meet the Sight Words Level 3. What a blessing it has been to just give A more time, that was all he needed.

So now this picture is strange, isn't it?  At least my husband thought so but there is a story, a reading story.

One night I was cleaning up dinner in the kitchen and A was my helper, everyone else was upstairs getting ready for bed when he picked up the box he is holding in the above picture.  He asked me "Mom what does this say?" and he started spelling the word office to me.  I said "why don't you try to figure it out."  He was silent for a few moments and then blurted out "OFFICE!"  I couldn't believe it, I was amazed.  We have never gone over the sound of C as an S.  It gets better, he didn't stop there.  He asked me what the next word said and I said "try it."  I didn't think he could get it, but guess what?  After a few moments, he was silent and then blurted out "STANDARD!"  That's right my little reluctant reader just read the word standard.  I was absolutely amazed at what he had been hiding within himself.  I think A was as equally amazed by my reaction.  "Mom, why are you making such a big deal about this?"  is what A said, never mind the absolutely huge smile from ear to ear on his face.  So that is why my boy is posing for that strange picture up there.

The Montessori Pink and Blue Series have been a tool to our reading work but I had to ignore all the wonderful blogs that show everyone's 3 and 4 year olds using and mastering these works while my 6, 7, 8 year old had not.  In homeschooling there is always the feeling that we should be keeping up with mainstream education but one of the reasons our family home educates is so that we can have an education tailored to the child and that is one of the reasons that we also love Montessori.  Don't be afraid to follow the child.  He may be temporarily "behind" but in the end use wisdom and he will succeed beyond where you can push.

Other resources we have used in our reading pursuits have been:

Snap It Up Word Families--this has been one of A's favorites, I think because it takes his building and creating gifts and uses them to build words with cards.

Take It To Your Seat Phonics 1-2

Take It To Your Seat Phonics 2-3

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