Friday, August 10, 2012

Daybook for the Beginning of August

I am listening to:
The sound of children playing Legos in the greatroom.

I am wearing: 
Black capri pants and a loose pink shirt.  It has been a big pant/skirt and shirt kind of a week.

Around the House: 
The dreaded bathrooms are clean, laundry awaits as does an unfinished chore stick project.  I also reorganized some kitchen cabinets this week. Hubs and I also need to sew stuff sacks for next week's camping trip to Crater Lake.

In the Kitchen:  
I do most of my crafting in the kitchen and it has been a busy week--flatbread, granola, energy bites and mint chip ice cream for this evening.

In the Learning Loft: 
I need to laminate a lot of  Take it to Your Seat centers so I will have them to cut on our trip next week. Thinking of purchasing school supplies and possibly giving each child a fully loaded "tool box" of sorts instead of our group caddy.  We didn't do any formal nature study this week but the children identified in the field guides the amazing caterpillars they found when camping last weekend.  Also, we got a good lesson in identifying if a foul was Grouse or chicken.  We decided chicken after we heard is "bok" under the neighbors trailer.  In math, reviewing long division with E and 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication with A.  K has money identification down.  A reported this week that he really likes copywork, so I won't want to be missing out on that opportunity.  And this week in grammar, we started using our copywork to identify our the parts of speech using the montessori grammar symbols, a great addition to our daily work.  We read one chapter of history, completed a building challenge and made both store bought and homemade shrinky dinks.

From the Library:  
I have way to many books going but the library is thanking me for improving their circulation numbers. I started To Have and To Hold for my fiction this week.  I like it so far and it is set in the south on an island.  I also started America's Cheapest Family when I learned our library had a copy.  I have been wanting to check it out for awhile.  I am interested to see if it has any new to me money saving tips.  Hubs and I started The Winning Attitude a few weeks ago and have not gotten very far.  It is a great book and so what I need right now but it is hard to read at the end of the day so I may have to proceed on my own because it is a library book and they are going to want it back.  I think I will stop here, it is enough don't you think?

In the Gym:  
It is week 3 of  P90X and I am tired.  I don't know why but every time we follow a regimented program I get so tired.  This is my 3rd or 4th round of P90X and I forgot how great it is.  I love the weights, but not the pull up bar.  Hubs already has a bicep bump he hasn't had in awhile.  Next week is a rest week which is great since we will be traveling.

From the Prayer Closet: 
I started the book of Nehemiah this week. What strikes we so far is Nehemiah's confidence in God's help and how so many trusted that confidence and worked hard to bring God's plan to fruition.  My favorite verses so far are 1:11, 2:4-5, 2:8, 2:18, 2:20, 4:6, 4:14 & 8:10.  I also have been reading, slowly, Joy:a godly woman's adornment.

Plans for the Weekend:
 I'm working with my friend to set up a wedding on the west shore tomorrow and E and Hubs have their first soccer practice tomorrow.

Enjoying the Summer:
B and I bike riding.

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