Monday, September 3, 2012


Summer is quickly fading into fall at Life Learning Center, which for us means a winding down of summer learning and more time outside enjoying our beautiful mountains.  Here is a brief peek at what K and B have been working on during our summer term.
B needs continual fine motor practice and this crepe puzzle from Lauri is perfect.  This work requires matching of shapes to outlines and a lot of finger use to place the shapes in their matches.

K is doing wonderfully with her reading practice.  Here she is using Mystery Balls from Lakeshore Learning to spell words and match them to objects.

File Folder games are a big hit around here In fact, I am planning to use them consistently  one day a week as our main source of learning and skill review. File Folder Fun is a great site to print out free file folder games. We also use a lot of the Take it to Your Seat Centers.  In this picture K is completing a simple addition game using the addition strip board.  K is amazing in addition, she is clearly ready to move on to subtraction in our fall term.

K has been working on identifying and counting money this summer.  Here she is using a file folder game to match coins and their values.

K's art work inspired by our dear American flag.  I love the days when she is completely self-directed in her work, she shows so much pride and concentration.

These simple 3 part truck cards from the Dollar Tree are a huge hit with B.  I have to help him sort out the cards that go together for each vehicle but he puts them in order.  B gets especially proud of himself when he leaves a card out and makes a "mini truck."

So there you have it, a brief peek into some summertime learning.

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