Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Daybook with Mudder Pictures

 I am wearing:  My pajamas and hideous hot pink fleece.

Noticing God's glory: In yellowing leaves, thrift stores and good food.

I am listening to: The sounds of a little boy talking to me when he should still be in bed.

Around the house:I am desperately wanting a home work schedule so I can fit in all that needs to be attended to.  I am thinking about something like a day each week (when all other necessary tasks have been done) for kitchen work, inside house work, outside work and scrapping.
2 weeks ago we started Wednesday mornings as a family cleaning time.  The children all take turns drawing chore sticks for cleaning jobs and they can earn a quarter per job.  I went to this method because I was a failure as giving them weekly allowance, I was always running out of money.  So this way if mom dosen't have any quarters or has a heavy errand day, then we don't do the cleaning.  Plus, things are getting cleaned a lot more frequently than they had been.  I figure, a child's imperfect cleaning is better than no cleaning at all.
Also on my "around the house list" more fall freshening up, painting 2 chairs, painting our dinning fixture, scrubbing cabinet fronts and cleaning carpets.

In the learning loft:  The stress started coming back this week as I began preparing for our fall term.  Geography notebooks, reading lessons, math lessons and history are all awaiting my attention.  Homeschooling our children is a huge and demanding responsibility.  I love it but man it is time consuming and stressful.  I always say can't we just read and play games?  But then the reality of skills that need to be learned sets in and I plan away.  We start back to  lessons October 8th.

In the kitchen:  I have been enjoying India Spice Chi Tea that my Mother-in-law brought on her last visit.  I am looking forward to starting Beach Body's Ultimate Reset next week.  We have been moving more toward a plant based diet and the reset will move us further down that path.  The Reset is a 21 day body cleaning program designed to reset you metabolism with clean eating.

In the gym:  We have been taking it easy this week after Sunday's Tough Mudder.  The Mudder was so much fun and we already look forward to next year's event in July.
The orange is the 11 mile course we ran and the  20 obstacles we completed.  It took us 4 hours to complete.

Me getting my number on my face in case they found me lost in the woods, passed out from exhaustion.  They failed to mention hypothermia was an option as well.

Jay getting his number.  I said no forehead because it was a little to "Beast" like.

Aren't we cute and clean all ready to go?

Never mind that this is a beer sponsor, I just liked the quote.  We had to sign a death waver to participate.

And--our muddy clothes when we got home.  It all washed well and is waiting for the next adventure.

 We should be able to get a few action Mudder shots from their photographers and I'll post them we we get them, so for now this is it.

Due to the Reset things will be light in the gym for the next 3 weeks.  I look forward to the light schedule of walking and stretching.  After the Reset maybe some INSANITY and PUMP.

In the prayer closet:  I am reading a devotion on Joy.  I have mixed feelings about the book but want to keep persevering to learn more.

In the library:  I am reading Bella Tuscany.  It is a slow read but I think that has more to do with me than the book.  It is nice to spend time, when I get it, being transported to Italy with all of its wonderful food, people and gardens.

Plans for the rest of the week:  Working with flowers for this week's wedding and hopefully putting away laundry, washing laundry, yard work and homeschool planning.

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