Monday, November 5, 2012

First Grade

Good morning everyone!  Today is Montessori Monday and I am linking up again.  Montessori Monday is a weekly link-up focusing on incorporating Montessori education at home.  It has always been a goal of mine to provide our children with as much hands on interactive experiences in their education as possible which makes Montessori a great fit for us.  We follow Montessori Methods in math, grammar and word study.

K just turned 6 and is in first grade here is a look at what is keeping her busy these days:

 Birthday Celebration--The day started with Daddy's homemade cinnamon rolls followed by a trip to Circus Circus.  Circus Circus was a quick burn through our pockets but brought delight to all of the children because of the shows and prizes.  Then it was home again for some playtime and dinner with her friends.  Daddy was on deck again with homemade pasta and tiramisu.

Tiramisu with the much wanted  Strawberry Shortcake on top.  Not much to look at but I heard it was oh so tasty ( I say heard because if you have been following along hubs and I have been doing a reset.)

Skates--K's last minute request and her most favorite gift.

The family at Circus Circus--not much has changed since I was a child.

Language Art

I made up this little vowel-consonant sort for her, I think she finally has is down.

Montessori Pink Series--Reading and spelling with our version of the moveable alphabet.  I got the pink cards for free from Montessori Materials.

Tracing work.

Putting together word puzzles from "You Can Read" printables.

Math: I'm realizing that I said we use Montessori for math and we do, but these recent activities are not representative of that.  K has been working with money a lot, it is amazing how fun something so simple  can be.  I also think she can identify any number and read it.

Leap Frog Money Match. I got this at a consignment store a few years ago and it does not appear to be available on Amazon any longer.

The money exchange game from The Education of Ours. We play to 50 cents for the sake of time.
Identifying numbers on the hundred chart.
Enjoying Fall Outside: We have been blessed with such a beautiful fall and from drawing roads all over the driveway, to helping stack wood we have been praising the Lord for the warm weather, winter is a comin'.

Down by the river--exploring and throwing rocks.

Playing at the park.

And......more park.
Thanks for visiting have a great week.  I hope to scrap in my "free time."

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