Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Ultimate Reset: Week 3

We completed BeachBody's Ultimate Reset 10 days ago and before I blog some of our post-reset meals and thoughts I want to share a few more meals from week 3 but first some thoughts:
  1. When I looked at the menu for week 3 I thought "this is going to be tough" and surprisingly, it was not that rough  In week 3 grains are optional but not encouraged.  I wanted to do the program as close to perscribed so grains were out.  Yes, I was hungry but it passed and I felt great the whole week.
  2. I had a huge textural issue this week.  I really like spinach, it is my salad green of choice but this week, I could not stand the feel of it in my mouth but I made it.  I think my issue was that I just needed some variety.
  3. I also felt ready to choose my own foods.  Now, don't mistake that with "eat whatever I want."  It was just that I wanted some different flavors and types of foods, especially things like beans, lentils and potatos.  On the Reset there were only 2 meals that were an absolute thumbs down but everything was very Asian in nature and I prefer more mediterranean/ California flavors to my meals.
The Meals:

Every breakfast of week 3 is a huge bowl of fruit.  We ate apples, pears, grapes,cantaloupe , strawberries and raspberries.  The reset guide says no tropical fruits or else I would have wanted some mangos and pineapples.

Jay and I both like miso soup.  The soup was a struggle at first but once we learned the correct miso to buy (mellow white) and the correct ratio it was great.  For the soup the ratio should be 2 TBS. of miso to 1 cup of water.  We mix the soup in the blender and add in a green onion.  Serve the miso in a big mug and drink it like tea. Also pictured is Asian Slaw.

This Curry Cauliflower was the 2nd worse meal of the Reset.  Both the texture, baked in the oven, and the flavor was horrible.  I could hardly get this down.  The kale on the plate, I like.  The best place to buy kale was at Winco.  It was $1.18 a bunch when I was there last.

A big salad and a carrot medley.  I absolutely love the big salads.  I will be keeping this Reset idea.  The Reset guide book has some great salad dressings, not to mention what adding 1/3 cup of toasted almonds does--so good.  The best place for slivered almonds is also Winco, buy them in the bulk section and toast them in a small pan when you make your salad.  

If anyone is interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset go to here to the BeachBody website or leave me a comment on this post with your email and I would be happy to talk with you.  We have a new group on resetters starting the Monday after Thanksgiving, it's not to late to join.

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Jay Garbarino said...

Due to Mango having a Glycemic Index of between 41-60 it would be considered low and okay fruit on the Reset. Papaya is considered medium with GI of 60, so it should be avoided on the Reset.