Saturday, August 15, 2009

Emry's 7th birthday!

Emry's birthday was a birthday with flexibility. I had wanted to do a party at the park with friends but my 100% social girl declined that idea in favor of a sleepover but when her friend got sick it was fast thinking to make her day special. We went with a butterfly theme including a butterfly cake, a butterfly net and a butterfly house. I think she was happy with the day that ended up with us having lunch at a friends' house and a visit to the fun zone at Boomtown.

Emry with her butterfly cake--I got the design idea from Kraft Foods, they really do have some simple and fun cake ideas.

On a carousel at Boomtown. The big carousel is free for all of 2009, for all you locals.

A girl who loves presents.

It was daddy's crepes for breakfast.

And more presents.

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