Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tot School

Here is what Kensley has been working on this summer.

A letter matching game using Kensley's name, I got the idea from the Tot School site under tot Tools.

The letter matching tray using our last name. Kensely impressed me with her letter matching, she completed it without a single problem, no she dosen't know the letter but is a proficient matcher.

A color matching activity--again fun and done with no problem.

Kensley sorting the colored pom-poms.

Here Kensley is working on a simple puzzle.

If you need ideas to engage your tot check out the tot school icon and the totally tots icon on our sidebar. Kensley has also been working on "copywork" along side Emry and Ayden. She excitedly gets her pencil box while I print out a block style letter or number for her to color, paint or put stickers on.

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