Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Angora Lakes

Angora Lakes is near Fallen Leaf Lake in South Shore. It is a bit out of the way down a steep, high, one lane road but worth every bump and dip. A friend introduced this hike to us a few years back and it was another beautiful day for the children to explore, see wild life and climb rocks. In the summer time Angora Lakes has a small store and snack shop that you can purchase lunch and lemonade to eat by the lake--oh and you can rent row boats. The lake and its surrounding cabins and natural beauty make me think of made for t.v. summer camp movies. I love to be outdoors and it was a beautiful day.

A holding himself up between 2 boulders.

E and A on top of a boulder with the "must have" dragging, poking, walking, drawing and marking stick.

J and 2/3s of the gaggle on another big boulder.

This is us at the main lake where you can get a summertime snack and rent the rowboats.

Had to take this shot just to show that B was actually with us.

E so happy to get this close to a chipmunk.

The chipmunk having a snack and stocking up for the winter on our scraps.

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