Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paige Meadows

This was our second visit to Paige Meadows this fall. It was such a fun and doable hike for the children that we had to go again in hopes of catching some fall color. This summer and fall we have gotten to rekindle our enjoyment of hiking. Jay and I both strap a child to our backs and the other 2 are always eager to run and explore the trail.

E and A sitting in an Aspen grove on a fallen tree.

Mommy and the fellas.

Daddy and 3 of the gaggle.

When E and A sat down like this I said "hurry, get the camera, that would be a cute picture," Jay obliged.

Daddy and K's self portrait--amazing they are both smiling.

"OO, what is that?" E and the roots of a fallen tree--they live for this kind of stuff.

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