Monday, October 8, 2012

Shrinkie Dinks

 Today we start back to lessons.  Back to focusing on more structured mornings, routines and traditional academics but before we begin our fall term I want to share one more fun thing we did during our break.  We made Shrinkie Dinks.  It all began when I purchased two Shrinkie Dink kits from Amazon and then saw this post about a DIY Shrinkie Dink project.  We had a full morning of coloring, creating and amazement.  Enjoy and try it with your own dear ones soon.  Sometimes creativity is the resetting break we all need.

I bought one girlie Shrinkie Dink kit

and one boy Shrinkie Dink kit.

One sibling helping another is always a great thing.
Once the store bought kits were all used up we began making our own shapes and designs.  Now, don't be afraid to try this, there was no mess and no smell coming out of the oven, it was perfectly easy. Look here for directions.

E made a flower.  This is the flower before some time in the oven.

And this is E's flower after the oven.

I made this little heart and it is still sitting on our island as a reminder to take a break, get creative and just enjoy being together with my lovies.

It is Montessori Monday and I am linking up!

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