Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Ultimate Reset--Likes and Dislikes

We have just started week 2 of the Ultimate Reset and it is going very well.  I have felt great everyday so far and have dropped a few pounds.  I wanted to share a few more of the meals we have been eating as well as what I am enjoying about the Reset and what I don't like.  So first the food:

This was a dinner that WE DID NOT LIKE; nori roll, miso soup and a cucumber salad.  The meal was just way to many foreign flavors all at once and everything was doused in seaweed.  We do not like seaweed, I mean a little in some sushi is fine, but not slathered over an entire meal.  This night evoked a lot of anger in me because I was so looking forward to eating and it was completely unsatisfying.  All the foods on the Reset are a choice but I felt so mad at having to eat this yuckiness, if that makes any sense.

Breakfast--berries, toast and yoghurt sweetened with maple syrup.  I liked it and would eat it over and over again.

Lunch--salad, nori roll and lentil salad.  I did not care for the lentil salad, the texture was strange and I didn't like the lime in the dish.  The Nori roll was to soon, after the previously mentioned seaweed fest, to enjoy.

Lunch--hummus, veggies and quinoa salad.  I would eat this again.  Do you make your own hummus?  It is so easy.

This was an interesting breakfast, not horrible but just different.  The meal was baked tempeh, kale, toast and avocado. There are several breakfast on the Reset that are kind of different, not bad but new to us and probably won't be sticking around when we are done.  Jay and I agree that we just like certain foods for breakfast and others, well, not for breakfast.
What I like about the Reset:
  1. All the veggies
  2. The big bowl of fruit for breakfast.
  3. Rice & quinoa
  4. Having a set program and accomplishing it day by day.
  5. Some veggies taste sweeter than before because of my decreased sugar intake.
  6. Drinking a lot of water.
  7. Salad
  8. Making a real lunch instead of a smoothie.
  9. Walks
  10. Slimming down
  11. Most of the meals are a good size.
  12. I don't really feel hungry.
What I don't like about the Reset:
  1. The supplements taste yuckie.  Are we really suppose to ingest something that tastes so bad? Aren't bad tasking plants the way God made us not want to eat them because they are poisonous?
  2. Making a new recipe at almost every meal.
  3. The regimentation of having to eat certain foods whether I feel like it or not.
  4. In the recipes, sometimes a serving size is called out and sometimes it is not.
  5. Not having an explanation on what all the different colored miso pastes are for.  Tip:if you are just starting out with miso, go for the white miso.  The darker the color the stronger the taste and you don't want that, trust me on this one.
  6. Feeling lead to eat a much more plant based diet and wondering what that will look like on the plate and on the budget.
There you have it, my likes and dislikes at the start of week 2.  Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help.

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