Monday, December 3, 2012

First Grade Math

Math, Writing and Reading have been my over all goals for this term of lessons.  So in my next few Montessori posts I hope to fill you all in on how we have been progressing in geometry, fractions and operations.  It has been a fun time to watch the children learn with so many wonderful Montessori and other manipulatives, it has really kept our studies fresh and interesting.  However for now, here is a look at some of what K, our 1st grader has been working on in her individual work time:

K is working in her math book, she loves this little book and would complete page after page, if I let her..  I printed this book our for each of my children from here. The books are free and they are a great tool for daily math practice. 

Practicing place value with our version of the "golden beads"  If I did not already have the rods I probably would have gone with a base ten set as an affordable "golden beads" option.

More place value practice with the large number cards.

Learning to use a number line for addition using a addition equation booklet and white board to right her answeres

Working on money sense with the money exchange game, we play to .50 cents now but I think she is ready to move onto 1.00 dollar.  Here are the directions.

As we head into December all of the children will be working on operations.  K will be starting with the subtraction strip board, A will be reviewing multi-digit multiplication and moving onto the division board and E will be advancing in division.

For more inspiring lesson ideas visit Montessori Monday.

Blessings for your week!


Jenn Lopez said...

Always love seeing what your kids are doing! =) Thanks for the link to the math. Always love free supplemental work!

tina at september said...

thanks for sharing, we are venturing into math soon and I am a bit intimidated. I am bookmarking this :)happy new week!

Kristina said...

Thanks for sharing the free printable booklet you created for your kids! I will have to print it out for my son for something extra : )

Tammy G said...

Thank-you all for visiting and I am glad you were blessed by the free resources. I hope to continue to highlight more free resources in geometry and fractions.