Monday, December 17, 2012

Reading, Spelling and Word Study the Montessori Way

I love Montessori Language Arts from pink, blue and green series work to word study, it is a style of learning that keeps children engaged and wanting more.  I have said it before, we work slow here at the Middle of Somewhere, so while I see 7 year olds completing green level work my 10 year old is slowly working through that series for complete spelling mastery.  My 8 year old is working through blue and pink is for our 6 year old. The pink, blue and green series is the foundation to Montessori reading and it naturally incorporates spelling and writing skills.  The pink and blue series focuses on 3 and then 4 letter phonetic words and the green series works on vowel and consonant blends.  The Helpful Garden ( look on the left sidebar) is a great place to print free series work and Montessori for Everyone offers great posts on using the materials as well as purchasable work. I have also purchased a lot of series work from Montessori Print Shop.

pink objects and spelling with the moveable alphabet

more pink objects for spelling and reading

reading pink level word cards

more pink objects and moveable alphabet work

blue series words and objects for spelling and reading

blue series work with objects.  My older children also like to write out the words rather than use the moveable alphabet.

identifying vowel sounds in pink series words

spelling blue series words

matching objects to pink series word cards

We also supplement with some non Montessori work:
This is a vowel and consonant sort I quickly put together. 

 And here is a look at some work K has been doing using the You Can Read series from 1+1+1=1:

circling sight words

sight word review
We are also working on a bit of word study, although I don't have pictures to show it.

E working on green level word study cards for suffixes.
Word study at our house usually consists of compound words, rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, and contractions to name a few.  I really like that Montessori for Learning has word study sets equated with the pink, blue and green series.  Scroll through this page to see what they have to offer.  Once the children have completed all the "card work" available to them, then they move onto worksheets or recording the work in their notebooks. 

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