Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today We Are Celebrating: A's 6th Birthday--wow I am amazed that our BooBa is 6, it does go fast. I think it has been a fun day for him filled with special treats and a lot of Transformers. (Posting a day late, I didn't feel good last night and had to stop and get in bed.)

Around The House:I think I am longing for Spring and when it isn't threatening snow the sun is shinning brightly and the birds are singing. I made this arrangement using 3 Dollar Tree flower stems, branches from the yard and a vase with greenery I already had. I am getting excited to transition the house to a fresh season.

I wanted to share my china hutch before the change over. My red dished are still up in addition to a splash of red flowers and a Love day decoration made with scrapbooking supplies and a vintage print from here (so many cute prints). Also on the middle hutch of the shelf you can see 2 creamers and a mini teapot, all thrifty finds that I am so glad to have. Thrifting has been a great way to start building up my tea collection.

Also as spring approaches I am longing to clean out and reorganize cupboards and closets but that will probably have to wait until summer.

Real Life: This is what our great room looked like on my last tile cleaning day. Yes, a mess and they cleaned it all up.

What I'm Reading: Dwellings: Living Fully from the Space You Call Home. It is by Mary Beth Lagerborg and inspiring in all areas of home life. I had wanted it for a long time and got it this past Christmas. Reading it is like comfort food for my heart. I am also reading Oolong Dead from the Tea Shop Mysteried by Laura Childs. I try to retreat for 2 chapters and a cup of tea every afternoon.

Quiet Time Ponderings: Oh there are so many things right now. I am currently in Galatians and I already got stopped at verse one "Paul, an apostle---sent not from men nor by man, but by Jesus Christ and God the father,". Okay, so if Paul was sent to the Galatians by no man but God himself am I any different. I (we) are sent by God to minister to our families and to any other person or people that cross our threshold or path. This verse gives me confidence that no matter where I am, home or away I am sent by the Lord to do his ministry. So, no worries of "What am I going to say?" or "I can't handle this" when the 3 year old is screaming for the umpteenth time or the 7 year old is doing the same in the form of arguing and crying; because God has sent me to minister to these needs. So I read on and got stopped again in verse three "Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." So as I go about ministering to my family and any others God sends my way; am I greeting them with the same grace and peace God desires me to impart to them? Am I giving grace to my children in their behavior and mistakes, even if I am horribly tired and impatient? Is my own attitude fostering peace in our home? or is my attitude grouchy, cross and short? When I am driving, visiting the library or grocery store am I greeting others with grace and peace when they are slow, crabby, impatient or confused? I should because that is how our heavenly father greets us. So many more gems but I will stop.

In The Learning Loft: We have finished up our study of Australia and will be starting Antarctica. For Australia instead of making notebook pages we made mini books and put them all in a lapbook when we were done. This was a great change that we will stick with for Antarctica. We also have a few more weeks left in our Dinosaur Study. We are using a Dino book and study guide from Queen Homeschool and it has been wonderful. E is working on 2-digit addition and subtraction with carring and borrowing as well as graphs and graphing. A is working on skip counting by 2's and 5's. K is doing lots of counting and ABC activities associated with The Mitten by Jan Brett.

In The Kitchen: I made macaroni and cheese for A's birthday and we have also enjoyed Rosemary Chicken, Chicken and White Bean Soup and Lentil Soup. The freezer is stocked with the left overs. J and I really like soup but the children do not but I will persist.

On My To Do List: Lessons, laundry, clean bathrooms, pack for So. Cal trip, prep some lessons, clean up the kitchen and change B's diaper.

Have a great day!

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