Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wintery Days

What do we do all day (besides lessons)? How do we spend Winter days? Here's a look.

We let the 3 years old have the camera--not bad if I do say so myself, yes K really took this pictures.

We loose our first tooth. A noticed it was loose on Friday afternoon and by bedtime he was in the bathroom with a mouthful of blood doing the extraction himself. It was uncanny because the previous day as part of our Dino study we studied and made a booklet on the 4 types of teeth.

We learn to self-feed with a spoon. B is now 16 months.

We pull out the ball pit.

We make transformers out of math rods and tape.

E gave K a manicure and a pedicure.

Build a snowman, of course--E did this all on her own and then helped A build one too.

And we play in the snow in our boots, jacket and swimsuit--K wanted to also go in the sprinklers but I had to tell he no, much to her disappointment.

Happy Winter!

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