Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowflake Craft

This was a fun multi-aged craft. First I gathered all things, white, clear or natural from around the house. We used white beans, white pom poms (not seen in the picture), white and clear buttons, and white and clear beads.

I"m not sure where this muffin tin presentation came form but somewhere in blogland (sorry) but sometimes a craft is all about the presentation and organization to make it interesting to the reluctant crafter.

Then E took some popsicle sticks and glued them into a snowflake pattern for everyone to paint white and then we decorated with our stash of items and glue.

Here are E and K's creations.

I hung them with fishing line from our dinning light and it makes a cute display of the children's handiwork.

Go ahead give it a try and enjoy the time with you precious children.

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