Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Traditions

Easter is long over but I thought I would share some of our traditions, both old and new. When I was growing up we always had Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast and brunch after church and without even realizing it,I have established those same Easter traditions for our children. I had been reading in blogland how many families have food traditions for every holiday and thought that was both interesting and yet so simple. So as I prepared for brunch the night before I became aware that getting home from church, cooking Cinnamon Rolls and the egg dish I wanted was not going to be accomplished in a timely fashion. I racked my brain and searched our fridge for what I could prepare to make our brunch special. I found carrots, so of course why not make soup. Carrot soup is a perfect Easter Tradition for us in the mountains because you never know if it will be mildly warm or bitterly cold, so why not. It was perfect. I put the carrots in the oven to roast on delay start before church and when we arrived home, they were ready to be made into soup while the rolls cooked. It was a lovely meal based on old traditions with a little new thrown in--thank you Lord for the inspiration.

Jay's rolls have long been a tradition in his family as well. The recipe has been handed down from his Great Grandma and we look forward to them on every holiday.

Our Menu: Carrot Soup, Cinnamon rolls, strawberries, deli plate w/ meats, cheeses & pickles ( E & A have been on a pickle kick) hand-dyed Easter eggs and a spinach salad w/ gorgonzola, roasted almonds and cranberries in a garlic vinegarette.

The Easter Eggs were also a new tradition for us. We had dyed the hard-boiled eggs on Friday with blueberries, cranberries, turmeric and spinach. No better way to get your eggs for brunch without having to tie up the oven. I also decided that this spinach salad will be an every holiday tradition, the flavor combination is an absolute favorite of mine, so why not?

After brunch it was nap-time and games. We joined another family for dinner and an egg hunt in the evening all while being cozy and warm with the snow falling outside. It was a lovely celebration even thought it felt like we should be saying Merry Christmas not Happy Resurrection Day.

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