Friday, April 9, 2010

From My Reader

Here's what interested me this week--a few nature, craft and educational ideas. Happy reading.

Nature observations through collecting and drawing. I can think of a few children who will enjoy this all summer.


Phonics eggs--fun matching for word families and sight words.

Nature Words--I always forget to do this very simple activity when we go outside--so much fun and creativity.

Make a Spring Stick. I can't wait to see the children running around with these creations, they love sticks.


A very cute mantel garland and so easy. I made a Christmas tree garland like this once but never thought of decorating a mantel with it. A rag garland could also decorate a shelf or cabinet top.

Dot Painters meet Ed Emberly--I love this idea. I have an Ed Emberly book that I always forget to use and we always enjoy a good dot painting session--perfect, combine them both for a fun creative project.

Fun high frequency word cards with the beautiful and captivating illustrations of Jan Brett.

A wonderful post about the perils of being speedy and hasty in our use of time and choices, wonderful food for thought.

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