Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tot School--it has been awhile

We have been consistently doing Tot School activities about 2 or 3 times a week, despite my lack of posting. We have actually started doing a lot more pre-school activities that are letter and number focused. I would love to share those things to, but we are currently out of a camera so I will have to wait for now but here is a look at some of what K was busy with this winter term.

Stringing lids on string, skewers or pipe cleaners--great fine motor practice. Just collect different sized, types and colors of lids, poke or drill a hole in the middle and put them in a basket and watch the concentration begin.

Another use for baby links. More fine motor practice and concentration for both linking them up and pulling them apart. We keep ours in a little purse to make it more interesting and enticing.

Clothespins--this one is tough. K could do it but it caused mild frustration, we need to do this more often. I found clothespins at the $ store and cut a circle shape out of craft foam.

Cuisenaire Rods--I put out tongs for transferring from one container to another but K used the tongs to put "blueberries" on her "waffle."

Pouring--K had her own personal tea party and practiced pouring from both her teapot and creamer.

Connect Four--great fine motor skills and practicing turn taking, we could also use this for making patterns.

Cutting--cutting is always an enjoyable activity for K. the other day she made her own cutting activity by drawing multi-colored lines on a paper and then cutting them. We usually use scrapbooking scraps in interesting patterns or seasonal colors. A lot of times we save the cut pieces for K to later make a collage .

Old fashioned block building-- building as high as she could reach.

Pete's a Pizza has been a favorite story of K's. Here she is playing with the Melissa and Doug pizza set she got for her birthday.

More stringing with cheerios. I told K she had to string them first and them she could eat them, she obeyed. In the picture she is using a pipe cleaner to string them on and she also enjoys our cheerio activity book. It is a fun book with circle to place the cereal in for glasses, wheels ect.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek at what one of our Littles does during lesson time.

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