Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Completing Him Summer Challenge #1

I am going to participate in the Completing Him Summer Challenge hosted by the blog Women Living Well. It is a challenge anyone can participate in whether you have a blog or not. I would love to see all of your thoughts, photos or stories on Facebook as well. So join in and invest in your marriage this summer.

This is my first post and it is our "how it all began" story.

Jay and I met in the Summer of 1998 at Calvary Chapel of Truckee. One June evening a friend and I went to the movies and on the way home I asked her about Jay. I had seen him at church many times and he seemed to be the only eligible bachelor around. He seemed stable, good job, he had a house, was handsome and loved the Lord. The following Sunday I was introduced to him 2 times by 2 different people. After that Jay started coming to the young adult bible study I was having at my house. We could talk about anything and he often brought a cake or blonde brownies to share with the group. The summer went by and we did group activities and went mountain biking a few times. On one of the rides no one else came so it was just he and I. We got lost and got stuck in a horrible rain storm. When we got back to my apartment we were soak and full of mud. I lent him some dry clothes and we had dinner. The next week I am was sitting in church and in walks Jay wearing my clothes again--STRANGE. He still says he wore them because they weren't dirty yet. A few week later over Chi tea He asked so "what do you say when people ask what is going on with us?" I said I don't know what do you say?" I think " I like you a lot" was the response.

One of our first dates was to Safeway to buy boneless skinless chicken breasts. He saw they were on sale and picked me up to go buy me some in exchange for the full bottle of ketchup in my cupboard. I know such romance.

Another date was to Dairy Queen 2 minutes before they closed.

After 2 weeks I knew we were going to get married so 3 months later, in December we got engaged--now that is a story, but maybe next week.

It is strange to look at old pictures--Jay had what I friendly call "helmet" hair and I just had a lot more of it than I do after babies

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