Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday Afternoon--Crystal Falls

We had a wonderful Sunday Afternoon hiking at crystal Falls. The Crystal Falls trailhead is located in the back of the Bay View campground just past Emerald Bay. I am not sure of the hike mileage but it is short enough for our 3 year old Kensley to hike both directions with very little complaining of "I'm tired." Beware that the trail is not a smooth meandering path but rather rockie with lots of up and down stepping.

E on top of the world.

K in a mini crawl threw/cave.

It is hard to see them but E and A did a little rock climbing, they are at the top of the photo.

E and A thinking of testing the waters so more--they both had fallen in already.

B cozy in the backpack.

B loves grapes.

J and B with Crystal Lake in the background.

The children in front of views of Crystal Lake and Tahoe in the back. Don't they look like hikers, backpacks, dirt and all.

E and A do a bit more rock climbing.

And to top it all off, Papa and Nana were along for the ride.

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