Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Here is a fun way to get outside and enjoy some of God's creation and let the children explore.  Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

Give each child a bag or bucket and ask them to look for some of the following things:

A leaf that is dry
A green leaf
A red leaf
A brown leaf
A pine needle
A pine cone
A weed
An acorn
A twig
A twig with moss on it
A smooth twig or a bumpy one
A feather
A round rock
A rough rock
A bud
A seed
A flower

Practice counting while your at it and ask them to find certain numbers of things or their age of thngs.  Then go home and create a nature display, we currently have 2, one in our mudroom for the children's things and one in our great room for my things. Or try drawing your findings, making a collage or even a sculpture like we did.  I wielded the hot glue gun and the children picked their pieces and told me where to place the glue.

Fun simple and it can even be done in your own yard, down your street or at the park.

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