Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today is post number 5 in the Completing Him Summer Challenge and it is about priorities.  Courtney suggests lising 5 priorities that I currently do and asking Jay to prioritize them according to what is important to him.  So I showed Jay my list this morning and he thought all of the things on my list were good but he had something else for me.  He was not able to prioritize my list but rather stated that his priority for me was to mentor and be mentored.  He feels that I should make a weekly date to get together with a friend for fellowship (and yes he acknowledged that he would have to watch the children).  Now this is not the answer I expected.  Here is my priority  list: working out, morning quiet time, Me time for reading and projects, the house and all that its running and maintenance entails, homeschool prep, children and of course Jay.  Now, this is being completely honest, the way I listed my priorities is also the way I tend to accomplish them--not good in some situations.  So the answer I was expecting from dear husband was something along the lines of "look I'm at the bottom" and here is how you can move me up a few bars.  In further discussion with Jay he said that he could not think of one thing I was currently doing that I should not be doing, so kudos for me.

So what do I do with his priority but pray because meeting one on one with a friend each week feels like a heavy burden, so I will be praying on how to accomplish this.  I know Jay's main motivation in this priority is that I would be refreshed by sweet fellowship and time away from home.  So what can I say, not many husbands say "ya, ya" to all the usual priorities and say "you need friend time."

I did ask Jay what he thought the priorities should be between he and I, so we looked at what we currently do together and what we use to do together and decided that we are tired and don't want to have to think once the children are in bed, so I don't know but we are having a getaway in August, just us.  Clearly, more discussion is needed in this area.

This was a great activity because it spurred us both to thinking about our lives and relationships.  I am definitly able to state my priorities and live them out, where as Jay, true to his personality can't clearly state his priorites but is very good at taking care of issues at hand.

It was also a great exercise because I think I need to re-prioritize a few items and define a few priorities more clearly.  For example, I think children should be higher on the list, even above homeschooling and I would like to spend more time enjoying them, playing with them and discipling/trainning them in all aspects of life.

What are your priorities?

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