Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Euphoria Nuggets

Two weeks ago I was having my own little Instagram/Facebook party to hold myself accountable to eating a daily snack.  An afternoon snack really keeps me well nourished and staves off unnecessary snacking while prepping dinner.  I know all of this in my brain but sometimes, I don't feel like having a snack or time gets away from me so I skip it and usually regret it because I come into mealtime to hungry.  So I took a week and posted several pictures showcasing my snacks and Euphoria Nuggets were one of my snacks.  I found these wonderful treats after our Ultimate Reset in October and they are so, so good.  The nuggets were my first treat after the reset and all the flavors and sweetness were much appreciated by my taste buds.  The recipe is from the Karma Chow Cookbook, which if full of wonderful plant-based recipes.  The Euphoria Nuggets are listed in the dessert section but once you read the ingredients you will see why I think they are also a great snack.  These nuggets are a sweet treat but also packed with protein and when given the choice over a nugget or a protein bar for a snack I would pick the nugget hands down.  I hope you enjoy them as much as our family does.

Euphoria Nuggets

1 C. shelled sunflower seeds
1/3 C. pitted dates

Chop in food processor until the seeds and dates are a fine meal then add:

1/2 C. almonds
1/3 C. raw agave (I have used maple syrup as well)
3 TBS raw cacao powder (cocoa powder would work here as well but I really like the raw cacao)
pinch of salt
1 tsp. vanilla

Process till blended together then place mixture in frig. for 10 minutes.  Roll into balls and enjoy.  I keep these in the frig. or they also freeze well.  Enjoy!

Don't let the picture detour you from trying this recipe.  I know blogs are a lot about the pictures but I am a homeschooling mom with a single income and that does not afford me a lot of time or money for a camera and the necessary study to make great pictures.  I wish it was different but thanks to you all who hang in there with me even though I don't offer the wonderful eye-candy that can be found in so many other places,.

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